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ultimatereviews's Journal

Partisan Propaganda - The Review Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Partisan Propaganda - The Review Community.
This community is dedicated to reviewing anything that the members find of interest and want to review.
Joining is easy, and posting rights can be set up for people who wish to add reviews to the community.

Navigation should be possible through the use of Tags and the Memories section will be an index.

The guidelines for posting reviews are simple:
1.Have fun!
2.Be honest.
3.Spell check all posts.
4.Try to be constructive when posting or commenting.
5.Hide any spoiler information behind a clearly labeled LJ Cut. If this means the entire review has to be put behind an LJ Cut, so be it.
6.Use appropriate keyword Tags for easier navigation.
7.If being subjective, please try to include some objective material for a balanced view.
8.Please feel free to discuss reviews and comment on them. And such, please answer questions about your reviews.
9.Round off each review with an overview summing up the points.
10.If you use a scoring system, please try to keep it out of 10 or 100 for consistency.
11.If you post a review by someone else, please get their permission and credit them accordingly
12.For reviews that could be considered lengthy, please consider using LJ Cuts where appropriate.