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Brain Training - NDS [Jul. 31st, 2006|12:50 pm]
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Dr Kawashima's Brain Training is a new wave of innovative game on the Nintendo DS hand held console.
Very simply put it is a collection of programs designed to help give your brain a "daily work out" to help keep it healthy and in optimal condition.

Each day you can do a number of training activities, varying from seeing a written word for a colour and having to call out to the microphone what colour the text is, to reading out loud passages from novels and doing quick fire arithmetic.
As you perform these training tasks, the disembodied floating head of the Dr who designed the game explains exactly HOW they are benefiting your brain and which parts of the brain they stimulate. This added knowledge is nice, as it gives you an insight and understanding as to what good you are doing yourself.
Once you have trained all you want, you can then do a "Brain Age Test".
This test is devised to judge comparably what "age" your brain is currently, with 20 being the brains optimum age and the age increasing as you get slower and less accurate.

Also included in this game are over 100 Sudoku puzzles and the ability for multi-player calculation battles! So you have something to do during your morning commute or if you and other DS owners get together, which will still help you keep your brain in good condition.

With all these training exercises and mini games, it is certainly a pleasant way to spend half an hour of your day, and it really makes me feel good that I am actually exercising and doing something with my brain.
Another nice feature is that as you play it the Dr. gives you clues on how to unlock extra features and as you get more daily training stamps it unlocks more activities and training exercises.

The only really negative points I have with this game is that the character recognition can be a little off, so you have to think about how you write letters and numbers, as sometimes it can think they are something else and give you an incorrect answer, negatively affecting your results.
In the same respects, the speech recognition is very sensitive and noises in the background can confuse it and make it think you are giving incorrect answers.

This aside, it is certainly a fun little game that is ideal for people who want to exercise their brains in a fun fashion. And as it stores all your daily results, you can compete with yourself and try to outdo yourself every day.

Well worth the £20 retail price in my opinion!